Q. Can Pharmagel products be used by people with sensitive skin? 
A. Yes. Pharmagel carefully selects ingredients with sensitive skin in mind. Since fragrances are the most common reason for irritation, we use only natural fragrances at a very low level.

Q. Are Pharmagel products Anti-Aging? 
A. All of our products are focused on Anti-Aging. We formulate each product with specialized ingredients that help to slow the appearance of the dermal aging process. 

Q. Does Pharmagel manufacture products for different skin types and ages? 
A. While all of our products are formulated for ALL skin types and ages, certain moisturizers are better for certain skin types. Please refer to our Regimens/Treatments section for additional information. 

Q. Are Pharmagel products Noncomedogenic? 
A. Yes. Pharmagel products will not clog pores, cause breakouts or irritation and are hypoallergenic. Additionally our products are mineral oil and lanolin free. 

Q. Does Pharmagel test its products on animals? 
A. No, Pharmagel has never tested its products on animals.