Thank you so much for this opportunity to fall in love with Pharmagel. I switched from one of our other skincare lines and I've noticed an amazing difference.



I just also wanted to share my personal experience with Pharmagel, I have tried many name brands in skin care and I tried some of the line and I'm so impressed by it and I'm in love with my skin! It has never felt so soft and looked so clear!! I'm so glad I found this amazing skin care line!! 



I have am a licensed professional and I have recently tried the new Nourishing Oil. I am 41 years old and have recently noticed wrinkles starting in my decollete and collarbone area. Since receiving my new nourishing oil I use it on this area and I see a noticeable improvement. I also love to mix it with Vitamin C Serum before bed and my face is smoother.



I absolutely love the new Pharmagel facial oil!! It amazing!!!! I use it every day and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I recommend it to customers all day. It's so unlike any of the other oils I've tried in that it's not greasy and I can wear it under my makeup without looking shiny. I also gave it to my daughter to use on a bad scar she has and wow it has really helped! It's a great product



I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I LOVE the Nourish Oil!!! I bought one and use it as part of my daily routine. I pair it with other essential oils and they blend amazingly.



The Nourish Oil is AMAZING and really hydrates my skin!  Great product!  



The Nourish Oil has a pleasant scent and it's not greasy nor heavy.  I can layer with my moisturizer daily.



I tried Nourish Oil yesterday and would love to give you the feedback!   The texture is so nice and light and the results this morning left with my face feeling silky.  I applied it after my shower and prior to Glyco-8.   Here is my problem,  because my hands are dry the oil penetrated quickly into my fingertips so tonight I will mix it with the Glyco-8!   This will be great for specialty manis and paraffin treatments as I use a grapeseed based oil!  



Thank you so much for the Nourish Oil!  I wanted to use it for several full days before I gave some feedback!  I really LOVE this.  I love the size of the bottle, I love that is has a dropper and not a pump (usually a pump disperses too much product for me) and I love the way that I can layer it under multiple products. I usually use it at night so it can absorb and work its magic all night long. I feel that it does hydrate my dry patches and even more so when I  combine DN-24 with it.  I’m excited to see the long term results but I think this product is gold. 



I'm an Aveda trained esthetician and used Aveda skin care for probably the last 7 years. Just this week I got the Ex-cell, Nutra-Lift and the rest of the line... Holy buckets! Even getting facials from the spa I was at, my skin felt dry again within 24 hours. I was going on about it so much that my boyfriend told me to leave the stuff in the shower so he could try it. That never happens. Please feel free to share this with anyone. Wonderful line!



Hand Therapè sanitizer fits in my pocket perfectly. It smells wonderful and does not leave my hands dry and cracked.  It leaves my skin smooth and moisturized and works much better than the plain alcohol-based sanitizers that are provided by the hospital.

       --Dr. Pamela Tambini, MD
         Internal Medicine Resident
         University of Miami Palm Beach - Regional Campus 



I finally got out in the sun for a full day and was able to try out your Sun Therape! Stuff was easy to apply, no greasy residue left on hands after application, and protected me all day long at the beach. Great job on the product!



I'm a 29 year old who has always struggled with acne on my T-zone area on my face. I've tried many drug store products but they did not help much. I wanted to avoid prescription acne medications because they are harsh and most people end up with red raw skin. I felt like it was an endless cycle spending money trying to find a skin care regimen suited for my needs. When i came across Pharmagel I was extremely impressed at the variety of products they have for their clientele. I recently purchased the Pharma Clear Acne treatment system & I'm already seeing results. The product makes your skin feel very clean, its not over powering fragrance, simple enough you must follow the instructions and be consistent. Being a licensed beauty professional I believe if it works for ME, it can work for everyone & now I'm carrying the line in my spa. Thank you Pharmagel for making me feel great about my skin again.

        --Ashley-Ann Langlois


We started using Pharmagel’s Hand Therape sanitizer about 2 months ago, and the entire office staff loves it!  We see lots of people, kids and pets, and constantly need to freshen our hands quickly. 

It has replaced our ordinary sanitizer because absorption is fast and it leaves our hands feeling silky.  The smell is clean and fresh, with no alcohol overtones (it feels wonderful as a hand lotion after/between-patient hand washings, too.) So happy there is a product out there that meets these needs!

Thank you, Pharmagel!

        --Cindie McDuffee
          Office Manager, Animal Hospital of Thousand Oaks



I am a licensed beauty professional. I am obsessed about healthy well cared for skin. I have tried so many skincare lines and they were OK. Always looking for that fountain of youth! I am 36 yrs old, and started to notice some wrinkling and dark circles around my eyes about a yr. ago. I tried everything from serums to concealers but nothing seemed to do anything!! I decided to try the Eye Prote!!!

WOW!!! I was completely blown away! 

It has been a month. My husband noticed a difference. My wrinkles are non-existent and the darkness is gone. I will never be without this product!!! I was very doubtful that this product was going to do what it said. I can't wait to see what the rest of the line does. You have just made a lifetime client of Pharmagel!! I have found my fountain of youth!!!



I am 64 years old and have been searching for products that will enhance my skin without negative results. A friend introduced me to your line and I love it!! I can actually see a difference in that my eyelids are less droopy and my skin looks younger. Thank you for a superior product! My search is over



I received a product sample of Glyco-8 at the Larchmont Beauty Supply Store the same day I had bought some Phillip Roth moisturizer for my burgeoning wrinkles. I'm 28, and desperately trying to stave off my 30s. After a month of Phillip Roth I noticed no improvement so I decided to bring out the small tube of Glyco-8 I had. Within less than a week of using that I've noticed the smile lines I've had around my mouth for the last year are completely gone, and the lines I recently noticed on my forehead are significantly reduced. And my normally troublesome skin feels MUCH softer and healthier. Considering your product is not only more effective, but significantly cheaper than Phillip Roth, I'm SOLD!

THANK YOU! I was starting to think all the wrinkle reducers out there were just a bunch of talk without actual results.



I am a cosmetologist and started using your product on a whim. I was standing in line at CosmoProf waiting to check out and picked up one of your intro kits. I have been using your product for about 6 mo., the change in my skin and tone is awesome. Please don't stop making this product accessible. I can't give enough praise. I have a few clients already started.



I had to drop a line to tell you how much I love your product Glyco-8. I have combination/sensitive skin and what a difference this cream has made. Truly refreshing. I am a skincare junkie and this is the first cream I have tried that just really made my skin look and feel great. Keep up the good job.



I recently went online searching for your website because I absolutely love the Pharmagel line. I purchased my three bars of soap. My skin is so sensitive to other products out there and Pharmagel is the only one that I have never had any problems with. In fact I know there are a lot of products of the Pharmagel line that I have not tried. I am looking forward to purchasing other items from you.



I love Pharmagel because it's simple and easy and I only need to use 2 products to get the results I want!



So glad to see you have added a testimonial section! I find your website such a great help! I use Pharmagel in my salon for facials and retail! Facials are my most popular service since switching to Pharmagel! My father and sister have the most sensetive skin I have ever come across and Pharmagel doesn't bother them a bit! Huge fan!

       --Leanne Butler, On The Circle Hairstyling & Esthetics


I just bought my first jar of DN-24 Hydracreme and I used it before I went to bed. Immediately I felt my face soaking up all those lovely emollients. In the morning my face had fewer fine lines!! I live in Las Vegas as the climate is so dry here and I'm always looking for a facial regimen that can give me the moisture my skin needs and have anti-aging properties as well.

       --Debra, Licensed Cosmetologist


BRAVO! My hat's off to you for developing such a wonderful product. I've used Pharmagel for the past few months and LOVE it. I've used Lancome in the past and your skin care products are far better. What an improvement I've seen in my 52 year old skin. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!



I really love Glyco-8: it is a godsend for my skin.



Our salon currently retails your products and we love them!

       --Cathy, Head Aesthetician, Lifestyles Hair Studio & Spa


First off let me say that I absolutely love your facial line.

       --Jenn, Solar Ice Day Spa


I would like to say that I love your products. I have been purchasing the cleanser, toner, and eye cream for several years now.



I am an esthetician, and am interested in seeing if you have a larger size of the acne treatment gel for professional users. I have recently used it on a client with psoriasis with excellent healing. Great product for both acne (all my acne clients use the gel and Nutra-Lift and Ex-Cell) and now for psoriasis.

       --Debra, Compassionate Skin Therapy


I have been a licensed esthetician in Illinois for about a year now working on establishing a home base spa. I have been using your products for about 6 months now with great results and I have decided to utilize your product in my spa.



I retail the products I cannot keep them on the shelf. Pharmagel is one of the most amazing products I have ever used in my 19 years in this industry. Pharmagel is very easy to share and spread the word about once you try it the product truly speaks for itself. I have several clients who have complained that everytime they have had facials in the past have broken out or had a reaction to products used. Knock on wood not with my Pharmagel products: they all leave happy and their skin feels and looks amazing and I have had not one problem even with the most sensitive clients. I can't say enough about it. I Love Love Love the product and what it does.

       --Renee, Delicate Touch Salon


I suppose it stands to reason that a company that manufactures such a high quality product would have such a high quality customer service group!

I can't thank you enough for your reply. Not only am I delighted about the moisturizer itself, but I have never received such a prompt response.

And my dedication to your product is merely a testimony to how well it works. I have attached a photo of the "end result" . . . My face thanks you!

Can I use the enhanced formula on my face AND hands and body? Please let me know if I understand that correctly. What a luxury.

Your products and Customer Service are top notch and should be recognized as such.



This is the only creme that doesn't bother my skin or make me break out and it leaves my skin really soft, my grandmother has the same issues so I wanted to send her over a few packs when my aunt goes to Poland to visit. I really love this product, and recommend Pharmagel products to everyone who asks about skin care. I even have my husband using the hand moisturizer, his hands get like sandpaper sometimes and it works really well for him.



I just want to thank you for such an awesome product! I was in a horrible accident last summer & I had a lot of scarring from it BUT I used your product on my scars and they have dramatically lessened. I have used nothing else but your product and I am very happy with all the results your company has done for me! THANK YOU!!!!!